About Us


If you’ve ever wondered why you see so many Landscape companies in this area, the answer is simple—Southeastern North Carolina is one of the most problematic areas for lawn care in the country.  Our knowledge about our home climate, soils and grasses, assures you that we can deliver on our promise of a better looking, weed free lawn that will be the envy of your neighbors. Our landscape professionals have extensive training and experience in the industry.

We understand there are many companies to choose from when hiring a landscape company. There are many great companies in the area that offer many different services. Our focus is to provide you with all your lawn and landscape services to make your life easier. Our focus is to improve your landscape whiling building a trusting relationship with you and all of our clients.

Precise lawns was started my Mark Williams in 2009. Mark is committed to building a strong company that focuses on customer satisfaction and quality at an affordable price. The sense of pride, need for teamwork and quality above all else, are beliefs he developed while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Paratrooper with the 82ND Airborne Division. That sense of discipline and commitment permeates our team. We do not make compromises when it comes to the work we do.

Our core values are simple-

PRECISE Professional, Reliable, Ethical, Caring, Integrity, Service, Efficient

You see, if we do a great job for you, we know you will recommend us and our business will grow. Which is why we guarantee our services? If we don’t get it right, we’ll fix it and make it right. No hassles, no pressure.

What To Consider When Hiring A Lawn Care Service:

Make a list of what you want from your lawn service. Is it just fertilization, and weed control?  Have you had enough of mowing, blowing, raking grass and want it done professionally? How about trimming bushes and hedges? Are you tired of moles turning your yard into its own personal subway?  Are you baffled as to why your beautiful St Augustine turf gets brown patches in the fall?  Have you had it with being stung by fire ants?  Ever wonder why there is one area in your yard that will not grow grass despite every effort? Does your landscaping lack curb appeal? You decide the level of service and budget that’s right for you and we will schedule the work accordingly.


Refer a neighbor or a friend and you both will receive a $25 CREDIT towards lawn services.